The OneTrack Solution

Capture everything, focus on the critical



Lift-mounted OneTrack devices rely on onboard algorithms & sensors to capture data far beyond the capabilities of conventional telematics systems.

Built-in LTE connectivity enables every device to connect anywhere, any time. 


Fleet-learning enables all devices to benefit from the captured data. 

Over the air software updates bring the latest capabilities to every device in our fleet almost every week.


Incidents happen. And if you run a big operation, they happen often. 

We designed comprehensive event review tools and workflows to provide a single place for your organization to view, share, resolve, and ultimately learn from incidents within your facilities. 

OneTrack is a tool that doesn't just measure the physical processes in your building. It tracks how well your team is managing and improving those processes for you. 



OneTrack seamlessly integrates with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Labor Management Systems (LMS), and third-party IoT solutions. 

Our AI engine continuously learns from hundreds of millions of data points we are receiving every week. The software then leverages this experience to identify critical process anomalies for you, before they turn into downstream operational risks.

This creates a sophisticated and robust set of monitoring and analysis tools that our customers have used to gain actionable insights into where their operations could be improved, ultimately leading to measurable cost savings.