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OneView: AI-Powered Stationary Cameras

OneTrack is committed to providing our customers the best possible tracking and monitoring solutions. In line with this goal, we are proud to introduce OneView - a suite of cutting-edge tools designed to enhance the efficiency of our client's operations. OneView harnesses the power of AI-powered stationary cameras to detect and automatically alert your team to open dock doors, process anomalies, load monitoring issues, dock space utilization, and so much more. The cameras used in OneView are the same ones used on material handling equipment to improve operator safety. These sensors are equipped with cellular or WIFI connectivity. They can communicate seamlessly with one another, creating a network of interconnected devices that provide visibility to what is happening within a facility. With OneView, our clients can enjoy a comprehensive and easy-to-use monitoring system that streamlines their operations and improves overall efficiency.

Here are four ways OneView can help you optimize your distribution center, warehouse, or cross-dock operations:

  1. Open Door Detection: OneView's cameras can detect when a door has been open longer than necessary and instantly notify your team, ensuring corrective action can be taken before any damage is done. With OneView, we help to reduce security breaches or animals entering your warehouse.

  2. Process Anomaly Detection: OneView can help reduce extra work and incorrect shipments by monitoring case pick lines, heatmap traffic patterns, and proximity alerts. By catching these anomalies early, you can avoid costly mistakes and keep your operation running smoothly.

  3. Load Monitoring: OneView's cameras can ensure that all shipments are correctly loaded and that no pallets are missed or products damaged. By catching load issues early, you can avoid rework and keep your production workflow running smoothly.

  4. Dock Space Utilization: OneView's dock space utilization feature alerts you when your dock space is nearing capacity, allowing you to manage available dock space more efficiently. This information helps teams eliminate backup and congestion that can slow or stall operations.

OneTrack is revolutionizing the logistics industry by providing an efficient solution to common problems that warehouse and distribution center managers face. If you're looking to optimize your dock operations, OneView is the answer. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how OneView can help your business!


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