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OneTrack vs Warehouse Camera Systems (CCTV)

Traditional warehouse camera systems won't get the job done anymore. Never waste hours cycling through CCTV footage after a safety incident again. Monitor your warehouses 24/7 with AI camera sensors and get real-time alerts of safety incidents and potential bottlenecks.

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Trusted by the safest and fastest logistics teams on the planet

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Warehouse camera systems: Head-to-head comparison

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What a warehouse camera system (CCTV) does

Warehouse security cameras are mounted around warehouses to constantly record everything that occurs. However, warehouse camera systems have two main problems.


They're placed in fixed locations, making it difficult to see what happens in between aisles and racks.


And they force you to be reactive instead of proactive with safety. Cycling back through hours of footage after an event happens trying to figure out what happened. 

What OneTrack does

OneTrack's Warehouse Intelligence platform helps logistics teams create safer, faster warehouses.


By combining AI and camera sensors, OneTrack learns your unique warehouse processes and alerts you when things like forklift impacts or product hits occur. Beyond that, it allows you to be proactive instead of reactive after an incident. 


OneTrack is able to detect leading indicators of safety events, phone use, idle time, and can even monitor lift utilization. We then give you robust reporting to help coach operators, improve process using data, and create the safest and fastest warehouses on the planet. 

How logistics leaders use OneTrack to create safer, faster warehouses


Install OneTrack AI sensors on forklifts, yard trucks, and other MHE in the warehouse.


Set up real-time alerts so supervisors know when any safety or productivity events occur.


Use video evidence and safety workflow tools to enhance operator coaching conversations after an incident.


Use AI to identify the leading indicators of safety incidents in your warehouse to proactively coach forklift operators.


Spot trends, measure success, and improve operations with operator, site, and network level reporting.

Why logistics teams prefer OneTrack over traditional warehouse camera systems 

Real-time alerts

Warehouse security cameras are great in certain scenarios, but not for investigating warehouse safety events. Instead of pouring through CCTV footage, when it might not have even captured anything,  use AI to get real-time alerts when any safety events occur so you know exactly what happened.

Point of view

Proactive coaching

Warehouse camera systems are often mounted in the ceiling, provide grainy footage, and rarely monitor key problem intersections or in-between racks. OneTrack is mounted on MHE equipment so you get a 360° vantage point for all safety events to Know exactly what happened, and more importantly, how it happened.

With OneTrack’s AI, you aren’t limited to corrective action after an incident already happens. Get notified of the leading indicators of MHE safety events like unsafe turns, phone use, debris on the ground, and more, so you can coach operators proactively and foster a culture of safety in your warehouses.

Don't just take our word for it

"Our partnership with OneTrack has allowed us to take a proactive approach to safety management. We are committed to investing in technologies that allow us to operate safely and efficiently while delivering the highest level of service to our customers.”

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Chris Wright

Chief Operating Officer

Rinchem Company, LLC

Reduction in overall safety events


Ready to see OneTrack in action for yourself?

  • Use AI to get alerted when any safety incidents occur in your warehouse 

  • Identify leading indicators to proactively coach lift truck operators and get ahead of safety incidents

  • Create a culture of safety and accountability in your warehouse backed by data

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