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Forklift monitoring systems: Everything you need to know

Forklift monitoring systems are an integral part of warehouse and logistics operations. The best systems give you an overview of your forklift fleet to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity. We’re going to break down these systems, their benefits, and how to choose the right one for your business.

What is a forklift monitoring system?

Forklift monitoring system

A forklift monitoring system is a tool built to track, monitor, and manage the operations of forklifts within your facility. 

These systems use a combination of sensors, GPS —and in OneTrack’s case— AI, to gather and analyze data on your forklift fleet like location, speed, lift utilization, and operator behavior. 

This data should then be fed into customized reporting so you can improve processes, make decisions about your fleet size, enhance safety, and reduce costs.

Benefits of using a forklift monitoring system

Enhanced MHE safety

Forklift monitoring systems play an important role in enhancing safety within your warehouses

OneTrack’s forklift monitoring system uses AI to monitor your forklift fleet 24/7. It then recognizes when unsafe behavior is occurring (like a forklift impact, phone use, or product damage), and sends real-time alerts to supervisors and operations leaders.

This proactive approach helps prevent accidents and lets you coach operators on leading indicators of safety events to foster a culture of safety within your warehouses.

Increased productivity

By providing real-time visibility into forklift operations, these systems enable managers to focus their resources where they’re needed most. They can track the performance of each forklift and operator, identify bottlenecks before they cause downstream issues, and help allocate labor effectively.

Additionally, OneTrack can automate tasks like scheduling maintenance after a failed pre-flight inspection and can even provide automated coaching to employees who are stuck in a process.

Cost savings

Forklift monitoring systems provide data-driven insights that can help operations leaders save money. Aside from increasing productivity and optimizing labor costs, a system like OneTrack helps you reduce accident costs, false workers comp payouts, reduce unplanned maintenance — and gives you key insights into your fleet utilization and health to help right size your fleet. 

These systems can even help reduce fuel consumption with optimized pick paths and cut down on maintenance costs by providing information on the forklift's health and performance. This leads to increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

How to choose the right forklift monitoring system

Choosing the right forklift monitoring system isn’t easy. But here’s a few of the key questions to ask and features to look for to get the most out of your investment. 

Researching options to better manage your forklift fleet, safety, and productivity? Check out OneTrack today.

Forklift fleet compatibility

Make sure the system you choose is compatible with your existing MHE fleet. It should be able to seamlessly integrate with your forklifts and other systems like your warehouse management system (WMS).

OneTrack takes an “agnostic” approach to our system. We can install on nearly any type of MHE within minutes and can connect to all of your major warehouse systems to create a single source of warehouse intelligence. 


Look for a system that offers a comprehensive set of features to meet your specific needs. Key features include real-time tracking, safety alerts, performance analytics, and video coaching. 

Pro tip: Ask around with other logistics leaders! You can hear what leaders are saying about their experience with OneTrack here.

Partner support

Don’t settle for a vendor. Look for a partner. 

A real partnership is crucial for a successful forklift monitoring system implementation

OneTrack helps you every step of the way. From self-guided training, regular check-ins, and customized reporting — our #1 goal is to make sure you’re successful.


Forklift monitoring systems are a valuable tool for any logistics company. They offer numerous benefits including enhanced safety, improved efficiency, and increased productivity. It’s important to take the time to truly understand what problems you’re trying to solve in your operations. 

Not sure where to start? Forklift safety is often where our customers find initial success. Check out our ultimate guide here


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