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AI-powered warehouse productivity

OneTrack makes your warehouses more productive by bringing deep visibility into your operations and sending automated productivity alerts with video context so you can hold operators accountable, fix broken processes, and get ahead of potential bottlenecks.  

Warehouse productivity dashboard

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Know everything that's happening on your warehouse floor

If you knew everything happening inside your warehouse could you increase productivity? With OneTrack, that kind of visibility is possible. Use AI to monitor operations 24/7, alert your team when productivity starts declining, and show them exactly how to get back on track. 

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Move beyond timestamps and spreadsheets to manage productivity 

More visibility is the key to solving warehouse productivty—and it’s not going to come from sorting through spreadsheets or watching hours of CCTV footage. Why did a move take 10 minutes longer to perform this time than it usually does? OneTrack automatically recognizes these events and sends them directly to your inbox to understand what happened — and more importantly — why it happened so you can improve operations. 

AI warehouse productivity dashboard

Track inefficient warehouse processes and indirect time

Do you know how much time your warehouse spends on indirect or support processes? With OneTrack, you can monitor operations at the operator, activity, or even network level. Receive actionable insight into your processes and indirect time so you can stay on top of labor needs and throughput. From how long it takes to unload mixed freight, to when battery changes are happening, and everything in-between.

Identify inefficient processes

Maximize every productive minute in every shift

Losing crucial productive time due to long running lunches and gap times at the beginning and end of shifts? Get notified in real-time when a lift is idling too long, alert supervisors when an operator is on their phone, and even track gap times around lunches and shift changes. 

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Connect the dots with dynamic productivity dashboards

All of this video context is analyzed by AI and served to you in a robust reporting suite. From high-level productivity KPIs across your entire network, right down to specific operator performance, and everything in-between — OneTrack becomes your single-source-of-truth to manage your operational productivity. 

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Ready to upgrade your warehouse productivity?

  • Get alerted for excess idle time to hold lift truck operators accountable and avoid operational bottlenecks

  • Track processes at an activity, operator, and site level to make meaningful improvements 

  • Gain deep visibility into your network productivity trends to adjust labor demands and keep throughput high 

Create faster, safer warehouses with OneTrack 

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