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AI-powered warehouse productivity

A labor management system only gets you so far. OneTrack makes your warehouse more productive by helping your team identify idle time, hold lift operators accountable, and alleviate operational bottlenecks.   

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Trusted by the top logistics teams in the world

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Know everything that's happening on your warehouse floor

What if you knew everything happening inside your warehouse? Could you increase productivity? With OneTrack, that kind of visibility is possible. Set up idle alerts for real-time visibility, plus get site and network level reporting to see trends and improve your warehouse processes.  

"With increased directed work percentage, we experience increased interleaving opportunities, more tasks being completed before critical stages and improved overall productivity. We not only have the opportunity now to see what our performance is, but to understand where our gaps are, both on a job code level, as well as on an individual level."

Group General Manager

Fortune 500 3PL

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Get full visibility into your customer specific processes 

If you're a 3PL with public warehousing, you have a lot of customer specific processes and no real visibility into them. With OneTrack, get insight into exactly how much time your team spends on customer activities. Use this to assign labor differently to meet certain customer requirements, provide a better customer experience, and even help your customers make improvements within their own distribution channels backed by data. 

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Identify inefficient warehouse processes

Ever thought there were processes in your warehouse that were killing productivity? With OneTrack, you can monitor operations at the operator, activity, or even network level. Get actionable insight into your processes so you can stay on top of labor needs and throughput. From how long it takes to unload mixed freight, to when battery changes are happening, and everything in between — get the visibility to benchmark and optimize all of your processes. 

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Measure your idle time, gap time, and long running lunches 

Losing crucial productive time due to long running lunches and gap times at the beginning and end of shifts? OneTrack brings deep visibility and tracking into your warehouse operations. Get notified in real-time when a lift is idling too long, alert supervisors when an operator is on their phone, and even track gap times at the beginning and end of shifts, and tighten up long running lunches. 

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Hold forklift operators accountable

With OneTrack's QR code functionality, you can track productivity down to the operator level. They sign on and switch between activity codes giving you crucial insight into who your least efficient forklift operators are, who’s routinely taking long breaks or on their phone, and who might need more training. 

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Ready to upgrade your warehouse productivity?

  • Get alerted for excess idle time to hold lift truck operators accountable and avoid operational bottlenecks

  • Track processes at an activity, operator, and site level to make meaningful improvements 

  • Gain deep visibility into your network productivity trends to adjust labor demands and keep throughput high 

Create faster, safer warehouses with OneTrack 

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