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AI cameras for
warehouse intelligence

Logistics teams use OneTrack to keep forklift operators safe, warehouse floors productive, and make sure product get’s shipped on time and in top condition. 

lower labor cost per unit

lower OSHA incident rates

fewer product damages

Trusted and loved by the world's safest and fastest logistics teams

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"We take the approach that all incidents are preventable, and the OneTrack system has the tools necessary to provide real time feedback and coaching to operators.”

Ken Heller

Chief Operating Officer

CJ Logistics America


Reduction in non-injury related incidents

What if you could see everything happening on your warehouse floor?

97% of logistics leaders say that safety and productivity are their top priorities. 


So what's holding you back? Limited operational visibility to detect when incidents occur, hold forklift operators accountable, and change the culture in your warehouse through proactive coaching. 

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That's where OneTrack comes in 

Use AI sensors to gain deep visibility into your warehouse operations, get notified in real-time of any safety events or potential bottlenecks, and collect data to help you on your way to accident free and productive warehouses.

warehouse data

with AI

actionable insights

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Don't just take our word for it

"OneTrack is an integral partner for us. We've got OneTrack tools that help us to keep our people safe. OneTrack enables us to be smarter in how we do labor planning, how we do safety analysis, and in how we do building utilization.”

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Brien Downie


Holman Logistics

Create a culture of safety and productivity with warehouse intelligence

OneTrack monitors your warehouse processes to alert you of any safety and productivity events, identify leading indicators to help coach forklift operators, and surface insights to make data-driven operational decisions.  

Ensure every warehouse employee clocks out safe after every shift 

OneTrack makes your warehouse safer by bringing full visibility into what’s happening on your warehouse floor so you can coach forklift operators.

  • Use AI to get alerted when any safety incidents occur in your warehouse 

  • Identify leading indicators to proactively coach forklift operators and get ahead of safety incidents

  • Create a culture of safety and accountability in your warehouse backed by data

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A safer, more productive warehouse starts with better visibility and coaching.
Want to see how OneTrack can help?

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