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AI Cameras for Warehouse Intelligence

lower labor cost per unit

lower OSHA incident rates

fewer product damages

Power your warehouses with Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Cameras are the most powerful sensors in the world. 

OneTrack is built to make global logistics companies safer, faster, and more effective.

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Predictive safety tools for dynamic warehouse operations. Reduce accidents, injuries, and damages. Identify leading indicators of safety and manage with data.


AI-powered tools to identify, address, and reduce OS&D issues. Maximize on-time delivery and exceed customer expectations.


Real-time tracking and optimization using computer vision and artificial intelligence. Reduce labor cost per unit and increase productivity


Flexible integrations with leading WMS, LMS, and HR solutions. Use accurate data to provide context and end-to-end visibility.

Proven technology trusted by enterprises

20+ Million
hours tracked

6+ Billion 
data points

10+ Trillion 
images processed

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Partner Highlight

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Partners since 2019

Deployed across all sites, the OneTrack Solution ensures Holman Logistics warehouses are safe and productive every day.

Through the use of OneTrack's AI-powered tools, Holman Logistics provides unmatched customer service and delivery.

See the new standard for warehouse operations in action

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