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Accelerate warehouse operations with AI-powered visibility

OneTrack brings critical visibility to warehouse operators at the world’s largest companies, improving workplace safety, labor productivity, and shipment quality. 

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Associate info last 30 days:

Safety events: 5

UPH trend: +12%

Shipment quality issues: 3

The OneTrack Warehouse Operating System

We empower the world's largest and complex companies to transform their logistics operations by bringing real-time visibility to the movement of goods, people, and assets starting in warehouses.

lower labor cost per unit

lower OSHA incident rates

fewer product damages

What if you could see everything happening in your warehouses?

Most warehouse systems run on outdated technology that fails to capture the full scope of daily operations.


Which leaves logistics teams blind to:

  • Safety incidents

  • Process breakdowns

  • Bottlenecks & inefficiencies 

  • Quality issues 

How can you expect your team to solve problems they can't see?

Warehouse coaching dashboard

That's where OneTrack's Warehouse OS comes in 

OneTrack delivers critical visibility with AI cameras to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly from top to bottom.

  • Monitor operations 24/7 with AI

  • Alert your team in real-time

  • Continuously improve operations 

  • Make data-driven operations a reality

warehouse data

with AI

actionable insights

OneTrack warehouse safety software

Create a culture of safety and productivity with warehouse intelligence

24/7 AI-powered warehouse monitoring. Get real-time alerts of forklift safety incidents and potential bottlenecks. Proactively coach forklift operators based on leading indicators. Leverage AI insights for data-driven operational excellence.

Ensure every warehouse employee clocks out safe after every shift 

OneTrack makes your warehouse safer by bringing full visibility into what’s happening on your warehouse floor so you can coach forklift operators and ensure that every employee clocks out safe after every shift.

  • Use AI to get alerted when any safety incidents occur in your warehouse 

  • Identify leading indicators to proactively coach forklift operators and get ahead of safety incidents

  • Create a culture of safety and accountability in your warehouse backed by data


Logistics leaders are transforming their warehouse operations with OneTrack

From improving forklift safety to eliminating OS&D issues — see how the world’s largest companies are improving their complex warehouse operations with more visibility. 

"We take the approach that all incidents are preventable, and the OneTrack system has the tools necessary to provide real time feedback and coaching to operators.”

Ken Heller

Chief Operating Officer

CJ Logistics America


Reduction in non-injury related incidents

If you could see everything happening in your warehouses, what could you achieve?

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