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AI Forklift Safety Systems: How it works and What it Means for You

Before AI forklift safety systems, supply chain and logistics teams relied on forklift telematics — or simple barcode scans and timestamps — to manage their forklift fleets and operators.

But now with AI forklift camera systems, warehouse managers, EHS managers, and supply chain leaders can keep their people safe, warehouses productive — and even manage fleet utilization all in one system.

These forklift safety systems are the key to getting visibility into what’s really happening in your operations so you can improve safety, increase productivity, and ultimately boost the bottom-line for your company.

In this blog, we’ll break down exactly what AI forklift safety systems are, how they work, and the benefits forklift cameras can bring to 3PLs, shippers, and manufacturers.

What is an AI Forklift Safety System?

An AI forklift safety system is a technology using AI and machine learning to help augment driver behavior, ultimately leading to safer, more efficient operation of MHE equipment.

AI forklift safety system

To put it simply, AI forklift safety systems (like OneTrack) are trained to recognize unsafe behaviors. It then sends alerts to leadership to help coach forklift operators — both after an incident occurs, but also on the leading indicators of MHE safety incidents.

The AI component means that the system get’s smarter over time, learning your operations and only giving you alerts and insights that your team cares about.

It doesn’t require a person to watch any footage or do data analysis, perfect for teams that want to run lean while still being data-driven.

What are the key components of an AI forklift safety system?

AI and computer vision: This is what really sets it apart from other types of forklift safety systems. It should learn your unique processes automatically, getting more specific to what you care about over time. And the computer vision element takes operational visibility to a new level.

Video coaching: Which leads us to this. Forklift camera systems help upgrade operator coaching conversations with video evidence. This type of visibility shows exactly what the bad behaviors (or broken processes) are that need fixing.

Real-time alerts: How many times have you walked your warehouse and seen scuffs and marks on lift trucks or heard about an accident but no clue how it actually happened? Never again. Get email alerts within minutes of a safety incident with 360° video evidence.

Leading indicators: The real power comes from being proactive with your forklift safety. Get alerts of the leading indicators of forklift safety (like phone use, debris on the floor, or not looking in the direction of travel) so you can coach operators before a serious accident happens.

Forklift telematics: The best AI forklift systems go beyond safety. With OneTrack you can monitor fleet utilization, complete your pre-shift inspections, and even use AI-powered labor standards to track productivity.

What are the benefits of an AI forklift safety system?

The 3PLs, shippers, and manufacturers who have brought in an AI forklift camera system have seen plenty of benefits in their warehouses.

Upgraded safety incident and workers comp investigations

No one should have to spend hours of their time cycling through CCTV footage, hoping to *maybe* catch a glimpse of an incident. With forklift cameras and real-time alerts you’ll know exactly what happened — and more importantly — how it happened. Save time and money on workers comp claims and safety investigations.

Safer, more productive forklift operators

Good blue collar workers are hard to find. The days of warehouses being filled with forklift operators with 20 years of experience are being us. But with an AI forklift safety system like OneTrack, you can coach operators using real data to create a safer, faster warehouse environment.

Supervisors becoming safety champions

Forklift camera systems increase accountability throughout the entire warehouse, but an often overlooked piece are the supervisors. Most supervisors aren’t used to having these types of coaching conversations, but having a system like OneTrack helps to hold supervisors accountable to making their team better and will improve their leadership skills.

Improved fleet visibility and maintenance

With this technology you can combine safety and video coaching with telematics, utilization, and pre-flight inspections. Get data into every aspect of your forklift fleet to better manage lease contracts, and with more accountability on the operator side, you’ll save thousands in unplanned maintenance costs.

Improved operational decision making

Warehouse teams shouldn’t need to switch between 10 systems and spend hours in spreadsheets just to make data-driven decisions. Instead get a single source of truth for all your warehouse data with AI powered dashboards for easy decision making. (We call it a Warehouse Intelligence System).

Read how 3 logistics leaders are using AI forklift safety systems to improve their warehouses.

Cost reduction

With more operator accountability, better safety investigations, AI labor management, and fleet utilization, you’ll save money on unplanned maintenance, workers comp claims, rack damage, and OSHA TIR.

Your warehouses deserve the best AI forklift safety system

Forklift camera systems are an incredible tool to help you create safer, faster warehouses. Logistics leaders need deep visibility into their operations to make better, faster decisions.

With thousands of AI sensors throughout hundreds of warehouses, OneTrack can help you create the safest, fastest warehouses on the planet.


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