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AI-powered warehouse safety

OneTrack makes your warehouse safer by bringing full visibility into what’s happening on your warehouse floor. Get notified within minutes when a safety incident occurs, identify the leading indicators of accidents to proactively coach forklift operators, and get 360° video evidence to elevate your safety processes. 

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How do you measure a culture of warehouse safety? 

lower OSHA Incident Rate 

fewer product damages

reduction in rack collisions

Get 360° evidence of every safety event in your warehouse

"You walk through a warehouse, you always see scuffs and marks on a lift truck, but you never see them happen when I'm walking around." With OneTrack’s AI you can develop a critical eye into your warehouse operations. Your team gets notified within minutes of a safety event with full video context to know exactly what happened and how.

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Create a culture of safety in your warehouse 

Safety is the top priority in every warehouse, but how do you actually create and measure a culture of safety? With OneTrack you get customizable reports that allow you to dig into the root causes of incidents in your warehouse, what operators need more coaching, and what processes may need adjusting so you can instill safety into your warehouse DNA and measure progress. 

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Proactively coach lift operators on leading indicators 

It’s not enough to coach forklift operators after a serious incident occurs. You need to change the behavior in your warehouse to get ahead of safety events. With OneTrack, you get alerted of the leading causes of safety incidents — from using a phone while driving a forklift, to unsafe turns, and everything in between.

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Validate any workers comp claims with video evidence 

Warehouse work is dangerous. And no matter how good your processes and technology are, accidents are still going to happen. And that means dealing with workers compensation claims. But with OneTrack, you can easily validate any workers comp claims to see what occurred, how to avoid it in the future, and ensure that every party is treated fairly.   

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Trusted by the top logistics teams in the world

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"Our partnership with OneTrack has allowed us to take a proactive approach to safety management. We are committed to investing in technologies that allow us to operate safely and efficiently while delivering the highest level of service to our customers.”

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Chris Wright

Chief Operating Officer

Rinchem Company, LLC

Reduction in overall safety events


Ready to upgrade your warehouse safety?

  • Use AI to get alerted when any safety incidents occur in your warehouse 

  • Identify leading indicators to proactively coach lift truck operators and get ahead of safety incidents

  • Create a culture of safety and accountability in your warehouse backed by data

Create safer, faster warehouses with OneTrack 

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