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OneTrack PX

Maximize warehouse productivity with
AI-powered labor management

Engineered labor standards are broken. OneTrack PX uses AI and computer vision to track performance in real-time. AI learns your warehouse processes, identifies operational improvements, and proactively flags bottlenecks.

AI-powered labor management

Traditional warehouse systems are blind from scan to scan. OneTrack PX fills in the gaps, surfacing productivity insights in real time:


Alerts for MHE idle time

Pick path.png

Optimize pick paths


Avoid potential bottlenecks


Benchmark and track processes

Gap time.png

Manage gap times around shifts and lunches

Use artificial intelligence to keep operations running smoothly

Engineered labor standards are only useful for a single point in time. But warehouse conditions change constantly. With AI, OneTrack PX automatically learns and adapts to your unique warehouse processes and sends anomalies straight to your team's inbox. 

Warehouse AI
Warehouse transaction report

Turn transaction spreadsheets into video insights

Tired of pouring over spreadsheets and picklists to identify why you aren't hitting your KPIs? OneTrack PX identifies productivity breakdowns in real time and sends you video evidence to see exactly what’s holding things up. 

Get deep visibility into indirect activities and customer processes

Losing productive time to indirect activities, long running lunches, or customer specific processes? With OneTrack PX, you get deep visibility — from network trends down to specific activity types, so you can adjust labor demands and boost warehouse productivity. 

Warehouse activity tracking
Data driven improvements.png

Make data-driven productivity improvements in your warehouses

Productivity alerts are only half of the picture. OneTrack PX brings you customizable dashboards to track your entire network's performance and easily identify opportunities to increase throughput and reduce cost per unit.

Connect to any WMS or LMS for a single source of warehouse intelligence

Stop switching between a dozen different systems and reports to find what you need. OneTrack integrates with any WMS or LMS to combine real-time forklift telemetry information and bring together all of your critical warehouse data into a unified warehouse intelligence platform.

OneTrack WMS integration

Don't just take our word for it

"We take the approach that all incidents are preventable, and the OneTrack system has the tools necessary to provide real time feedback and coaching to operators.”

Ken Heller

Chief Operating Officer

CJ Logistics America


Reduction in non-injury related incidents

Ready to upgrade your warehouse productivity?

  • Get productivity alerts to hold lift truck operators accountable and avoid operational bottlenecks

  • Track processes at an activity, operator, and site level to make meaningful improvements 

  • Gain deep visibility into your network productivity trends to adjust labor demands and keep throughput high 

Create faster, safer warehouses with OneTrack 

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