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How Hain Celestial reduced overall safety incidents by 80% with OneTrack

By the numbers

decrease in impacts and product hits

decrease in overall safety incidents

decrease in phone use violations

With OneTrack we're much more aware of what's going on even if we can't be present on the floor. I don't stay up at night worrying that I'm going to have a major forklift incident in my building that I won't know about.

David May (1)_edited.png

David May

Senior Warehouse Manager

The Hain Celestial Group


Reduction in overall safety events


The Hain Celestial Group

Customer profile

Food manufacturer

Mountville, PA

Partner since 2022

The challenge: Lack of visibility and accountability on the warehouse floor

With a large building, limited leadership staff, and self-reporting of incidents virtually non-existent, David May, Senior Warehouse Manager at Hain Celestial Mountville described things as “the wild west when it comes to operators”.

“We would come in and find things damaged, racks broken, sometimes significant issues, or even a forklift tagged out and shut down and nobody knew what actually happened. It was very difficult prior to OneTrack to know what was going on, especially in our off shifts. And as a result, we had damages. We had product loss. All sorts of things that we really couldn't control very well. Spent a lot of time trying to cycle through hours of CCTV and maybe catch a glimpse of something that happened. It was like the wild west when it came to operators.”

How Hain Celestial created a culture of safety, productivity, and accountability with OneTrack

Video alerts to get a 360° view whenever incidents occur to elevate coaching conversations and increase accountability

In-depth reporting to upgrade weekly safety meetings, stay on top of coaching, and see what operators need more training

Visibility into leading indicators of safety events to see where gaps are, change processes, and proactively train operators

Straight from the source

Hear what Hain Celestial's Sr. Warehouse Manager, David May, had to say about his experience with OneTrack.

Dave's biggest challenges he's solving with OneTrack

How Dave would describe OneTrack

How operators respond to being on camera

How Dave uses OneTrack in weekly safety meetings

The most surprising thing Dave found with OneTrack

Using OneTrack data to improve safety processes

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