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Never miss a safety incident in your warehouse

OneTrack CoPilot

AI sensors are your eyes on the floor at all times. Get video notifications of safety incidents to coach operators and powerful analytics to identify trends and improve processes.

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OneTrack CoPilot alerts you of critical safety events in your warehouses so you can coach forklift operators and make data-driven safety improvements.


Forklift accidents


Phone use

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Product damages


Rack impacts


Reckless driving

Use artificial intelligence to focus on keeping people safe

Never waste precious time on a false GForce trigger again. OneTrack’s AI algorithm automatically analyzes and picks out the safety events your team cares about so you can cut through the noise and focus on corrective action. 

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Take the guesswork out of safety investigations with 360° video evidence 

Never say "I don't know" after a safety incident again. OneTrack's AI sensors give you a 360° view around your forklifts, recording 30 seconds before and after a safety event, so you know exactly what happened and how to fix it.

Coach your operators within minutes of a safety incident

Stop spending time cycling through hours of CCTV footage hoping to catch a glimpse of what happened. Instead get notified within minutes of any safety event your team cares about and trigger workflows customized to your safety processes.

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Make data-driven safety improvements in your warehouses

Ditch the paperwork, spreadsheets, and multiple softwares. Get customizable dashboards to understand root causes, leading indicators, and site trends to create a single source of truth for all of your warehouse safety decisions.

Full warehouse visibility with no IT requirements

Get up and running fast and never miss a safety incident in your warehouse. Our in-house field services team can install OneTrack sensors on any piece of MHE equipment within minutes and can run on cellular data or wifi for reliable warehouse intelligence.


Don't just take our word for it

"We take the approach that all incidents are preventable, and the OneTrack system has the tools necessary to provide real time feedback and coaching to operators.”

Ken Heller

Chief Operating Officer

CJ Logistics America


Reduction in non-injury related incidents

Ready to upgrade your warehouse safety?

  • Use AI to get alerted when safety incidents occur in your warehouse 

  • Identify leading indicators to proactively coach MHE operators and get ahead of safety incidents

  • Create a culture of safety and accountability in your warehouse backed by data

Create safer, faster warehouses with OneTrack 

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