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Best Forklift Camera System for 3PLs — Factors You Should Consider

When 3PLs are looking to address forklift safety in their warehouses, they’re usually dealing with the same set of problems:

1. Lack of visibility into what’s really happening on the warehouse floor

3PL leaders often have no visibility into what’s really happening once forklifts leave their bay, leading to increased incidents and damages.

You need a system that proactively sends your team alerts for things like forklift impacts, operator phone use, and product hits, to stay on top of what’s really happening in your warehouses.

2. Lack of accountability with forklift operators (and supervisors) to self-report incidents and hold the team to a standard

To truly have a culture of safety in your warehouse, operators and supervisors have to be bought into the process, self-reporting incidents, and coaching each other for continuous improvement.

But good blue collar talent is harder to find and retain than ever before.

You need tools that bring accountability into your forklift safety program. Providing real-time video alerts for coaching after an incident and leading indicator data for proactive operator training.

3. Rising damages and incidents with limited investigation capabilities

The typical process after a forklift safety incident pretty much follows this path:

You find out about an incident > you interview employees > you then cycle through hours of CCTV footage hoping to *maybe* catch a glimpse of what happened.

Instead you need a tool that gives you 360° video evidence after every safety incident, so you know exactly what happened and how. This lets you coach operators to ensure it never happens again, and can even help in costly workers comp investigations.

What will this post be about?

If you skipped that long intro, here’s the gist.

As a 3PL leader, you need a forklift camera system that:

  • Brings complete visibility into your warehouse operations to know when safety incidents happen.

  • Helps you hold operators accountable after incidents, and supervisors accountable for making their teams better.

  • And a tool that brings in-depth video evidence into your forklift safety program to help aid investigations, so you know exactly what happens during an incident.

We built OneTrack (an AI forklift safety camera system) to accomplish all of those things — and way more. Plus we’re helping some of the top 3PLs across North America create some of the safest warehouses on the planet.

In this post, we’ll show you exactly why we’re a great fit for your 3PL — or at the very least, give you some features to ask about no matter who you go with.

OneTrack AI Forklift Safety Camera System for 3PLs

Real-time alerts to quickly coach operators after an incident

We built OneTrack to bring visibility to logistics leaders. But visibility alone isn’t enough, it has to be actionable. So we created a simple workflow that has transformed how 3PLs — like Holman Logistics — run their safety programs.

Forklift camera sensor

It starts with the AI sensor that can mount onto any type of MHE equipment. This sensor monitors your operations 24/7, and identifies forklift safety events like impacts, forklift collisions, bumping into racks, driving sideways over a dock plate, operators using their phone, vaping, damaging product… (you get the idea).

OneTrack alerts and dashboard

When an event is detected, OneTrack sends an email alert to the team. Usually supervisors and team leads at first, but some customers also send certain types of alerts to operations managers, GMs, or HR.

The alerts have a video preview, and make it easy to jump right into the dashboard on your phone or on your desktop.

From there your supervisor's review the event, talk to the operator in question (using the video evidence to help with coaching), and fill out the customizable digital safety form for easy documentation.

OneTrack forklift safety review

This is all done within minutes of a safety event occurring in your warehouse. No more coming in the next morning to find damages and having to initiate an investigation. Your team will know what, when, and how for any safety event involving MHE equipment for quick coaching and resolution.

Proactively coach forklift operators on leading indicators of safety events with AI data

Coaching after an incident occurs is a step in the right direction, but what about before a safety event ever happens?

That’s the big missing piece in every 3PLs forklift safety program today. And that’s a huge piece that OneTracks forklift camera system can bring you.

We’ve trained our AI in hundreds of warehouses to recognize safety events, but it can also pick-up on the leading indicators of forklift safety events.

Leading indicators of forklift safety

The almosts, near misses, and bad behaviors that may not have caused an incident this time, but almost always will eventually.

This allows your team to proactively coach operators, change behaviors, improve safety processes, all before a costly accident ever happens. It’s a game changer for forklift safety.

Upgrade your damage and workers comp investigations with 360° video evidence

The last thing a 3PL leader wants to say after an incident (especially if it’s a public warehouse operation) is “I don’t know”

But, instead of us explaining the solution, here’s a recent panel of our 3PL customers on how they use AI forklift cameras to upgrade their safety investigations.

No more excuses. No more “he said, she said” investigations. Eliminate “I don’t know” in your warehouse with 360° video evidence.

Measure your forklift safety program with customizable dashboards

The event detection and video alerts are great, but 3PLs also need an easy way to measure progress. Everyone talks about “building a culture of safety” but without bringing in data, you have no way to measure and report on success.

But you don’t need to drown in 3 different systems and mountains of spreadsheets anymore.

Instead, use one platform to help you quickly answer the big questions:

  • How is my network of warehouses trending with safety events this year?

  • How does this site compare to another, and why is this one outperforming?

  • What are the root causes of impacts in my warehouses?

  • Who are the operators that need more coaching, and who are my best employees?

  • Are supervisors coaching and resolving events quickly?

You can save your most common filters to easily find what you’re looking for and we can help customize the dashboards by role, by question, or a number of other ways to ensure you can make data-driven safety decisions.

Book a custom demo or take a self-guided product tour

We’re only scratching the surface of how OneTrack’s AI forklift camera system can help 3PLs create the safest warehouses on the planet.

If you want to get a more in-depth look, you can book a custom demo to walk through any questions you have.

Or to see how the product works at your own speed, you can take a quick interactive product tour to see it in action.


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