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How Holman Logistics supercharges warehouse safety and productivity with OneTrack

"OneTrack is an integral partner for us. We've got OneTrack tools that help us to keep our people safe. OneTrack enables us to be smarter in how we do labor planning, how we do safety analysis, and in how we do building utilization.”

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Brien Downie


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"In today's current environment, we get more information than we can imagine. This is one of the best partnerships that I've ever had with respect to doing business and helping me execute in my warehouses."

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Jeremy Thompson

Director of Operations

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Holman Logistics

Customer profile

Top 100 3PL

Kent, WA

Partner since 2019

The challenge: Limited visibility to identify when damages occur and coach operators after incidents

Holman Logistics, not unlike many large 3PLs, dealt with a lack of visibility. When incidents would occur, unless they saw it happen or caught it on CCTV, they didn’t know how or why. And because of that, safety events and damages were on the rise.

Brien Downie, President at Holman Logistics said, “I’d walk through a warehouse and see scuffs and marks on our lift trucks, but I’d never actually see it happen when I’m out walking around.” 

Matt Ireland, Director of EHS, put it this way, “Before OneTrack, it was difficult to truly know why incidents would occur, and our supervisors weren’t able to have the quality of coaching conversions that we can now, because they didn’t have video proof to back them up.”

How Holman Logistics uses OneTrack to create safer, faster warehouses

360° video alerts to help supervisors have better coaching conversations with operators after an incident 

Introduced video evidence into their workers comp, damage, and safety investigation processes 

Use AI to spot trends, improve processes, and proactively coach operators on the leading indicators of safety incidents 

Straight from the source

Hear what the Holman Logistics team had to say about their experience with OneTrack.

Jeremy on OneTrack being the best partnership he's ever had

Why Brien prefers OneTrack over a forklift telemetry system

Brien on how he uses OneTrack's AI dashboards

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