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States Logistics Improves Warehouse Safety by 72% with OneTrack

States Logistics Services, Inc. is prioritizing safety with the adoption of cutting-edge forklift safety system, OneTrack.AI. Their innovative technology is the world's first autonomous monitoring system for forklifts. Its purpose is to give logistics leaders visibility to coach operators, make data-driven decisions, and ensure the safest, fastest warehouses on the planet.

Since the implementation of OneTrack just four months ago, States Logistics has observed significant safety advancements. The achievements include a remarkable 99% reduction in phone use violations, and a 16.67% decrease in all impact events, resulting in an overall impressive safety event trend improvement of 71.5%. While there is always room for improvement, the progress achieved thus far has been exceptional.

President W. Ryan Donovan of States Logistics emphasized the company's dedication to safety, stating, "Our commitment is unwavering in ensuring the safety of our workforce while delivering excellence in our operations, we constantly strive to minimize incidents in our warehouses, and we believe that OneTrack.AI is an excellent tool in creating a safer environment and fostering a safety-conscious culture among our team."

By implementing OneTrack.AI, States Logistics aims to discourage unsafe behaviors by operators and identify potential risks before they escalate into accidents or injuries, ultimately reducing overall risk in the workplace.

This advanced system, installed on forklifts, yard trucks, and stationary locations, uses machine learning and proprietary AI sensors to detect and record accidents and productivity losses. By learning the unique activities that take place in a warehouse, the system can detect outliers and provide actionable insights to leadership.

The data captured by the AI sensors is automatically shared with operations leadership, enabling them to proactively coach operators on leading indicators of unsafe behaviors.

Efren Lira, the General Manager of States Logistics, shared insights on the advantages of OneTrack's immediate feedback system, “OneTrack offers users prompt feedback in the event of occurrences such as impacts or phone violations. This instant visibility has brought attention to incidents that might have gone unreported in the past. Consequently, our supervisory team can now effectively train, manage, and cultivate a safety culture that encourages responsibility among all associates.”

This proactive approach helps prevent incidents and fosters a culture of safety, accountability, and productivity throughout the States Logistics network.

At States Logistics, safety, innovation, and continuous improvement are ingrained in our culture. We remain committed to pushing boundaries to ensure the utmost safety for our workers, and our partnership with OneTrack is pivotal in enabling us to achieve this goal going forward.

About States Logistics Services, Inc.

States Logistics Services, Inc. is an established 3rd Party logistics service provider specializing in warehousing, transportation, value-added services, ecommerce and packaging solutions in the food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods industry. With decades of experience in the logistics industry providing customers with high quality service backed by efficient technology solutions and processes that ensure timely deliveries. Contact Us!

About OneTrack

OneTrack is a U.S.-based Artificial Intelligence technology company that works with leading logistics providers, manufacturers, and retailers to increase safety, productivity, and quality in their warehouses. The OneTrack.AI Warehouse Intelligence Solution uses distributed AI camera sensors, machine learning software, workflow tools, and API integrations to provide real-time visibility to warehouse operations. The OneTrack.AI solution is purpose built to help customers create the safest, faster warehouses on the planet. Learn more at

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