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Do you have a Critical Eye?

Developing a Critical Eye

Warehouses are bustling places. If you do not pay attention, they can become dangerous. The expectation to forklift operators is to perform their daily duties safely and efficiently. Until now, safety investigations have relied on collecting operator's statements, witness reports, and time-consuming manual documentation. OneTrack is revolutionizing warehouse safety.

Using camera sensors and digital incident reports, OneTrack brings visibility to warehouse behaviors.

With a focus on creating a safer working environment, OneTrack camera sensors provide a 360-degree view around the lift. This view allows site leadership to understand what happened before and after any safety incident.

OneTrack sensors reduce the unknowns that exist when a safety event occurs. The sensors provide 10-15 second video before and after any incident. The video can be used as visual evidence during investigation and coaching. When an event is detected, OneTrack triggers a series of automations to assign, review, and resolve incidents.

Operators have common MHE driving habits, most safe, some unsafe. At OneTrack, our software reviews millions of safety events annually. With OneTrack, warehouses can categorize leading indicators to safety events into four main categories: Personal Protective Equipment, Unsafe Driving Behavior, Distracted Driving, and Environmental Factors. Each of these categories has unique types of behaviors that lead to safety events in a warehouse.

Personal Protective Equipment - Every company and warehouse has unique policies in place to

keep their employees safe. All too often, employees will forget the required PPE. If an operator is not using the proper safety equipment, it is recognizable in the video events. This visibility is key to ensuring your employees make it home safe.

Unsafe Driving Behavior - In general, operators try to be as safe as possible while performing their daily tasks. Yet, there are instances where poor driving behaviors lead to accidents and injuries. These behaviors are like those of driving a car on the road. Excessive speed, harsh braking, fast turns, or not looking in the direction of travel are all review-able with OneTrack.

Distracted Driving - Many things pull our attention each day. These distractions don't stop when an employee enters work. The most common root causes are phone use, headsets, or talking while driving.

Environmental Factors - Warehouse environments are constantly changing. These changes make it essential for operators to follow the warehouse's policies and procedures. With OneTrack, you can see if an obstacle or obstruction is the cause of an accident or damage.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the leading indicators in your warehouse can transform your employees’ behaviors. It enables coaching on specific incidents for specific employees. If used as a coaching tool, you will improve operator safety over time.

To see the leading indicators in your warehouse, reach out to us. Click on to send us an email. Click OneTrack.AI to visit our website. Or get social with us on LinkedIn.


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