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CJ Logistics America reports safety gains with OneTrack technology

In CJ Logistics’ warehouses across North America, where employee safety is the highest priority, the company continues to invest in technology to reduce the number of any type of incident. With the ongoing implementation of OneTrack.AI technology, the company is continuing to drive safety initiatives toward the goal of zero OSHA recordables.

Since successfully piloting OneTrack.AI in 2019 and rolling out the technology across its North American warehouse network, CJ Logistics has seen a 50% reduction in non-injury-related incidents, with a decrease of 30% in 2022 alone. The steady improvement of the CJ Logistics network TIR is well ahead of the industry average.

In addition to the reduction in non-injury-related incidents, operations leadership is seeing a continuing increase in self-report incidents resulting from full adoption of the system by the forklift operators. “Keeping everyone on the same page, coaching to improve, holding everyone accountable to the same standards helps morale,” said CJ Logistics America COO Ken Heller.

Installed on forklifts in the company’s warehouses, Onetrack.AI uses machine learning and proprietary AI sensors to detect, record and prevent risky behaviors and accidents. Its algorithms factor in safety, productivity and skill-levels of the operations specialists who are operating the forklifts.

The video and telemetry data captured by the forklift-mounted AI sensors is automatically shared with operations leadership who use that information to coach compliance with safety rules and procedures to prevent undesirable practices and incidents. It facilitates more training for new and experienced forklift operators. “We take the approach that all incidents are preventable,” said Heller. “And the OneTrack.AI system has the tools necessary to provide real time feedback and coaching to operators.” The company’s emphasis is on coaching to improve.

Joe Smiesko, VP, Safety, Security & Compliance stresses the company’s focus on safety. “Our goal is always to make sure people are safe, to continually enhance a safe working environment,” Smiesko said. “We emphasize that anyone not operating safely can put others at risk.”

The OneTrack.AI system leverages advanced machine learning technologies to automatically improve detection and reporting based on feedback from site and to make everyone safer. “A key element in helping us add more tools for coaching safe behavior is the amount of information on risky behaviors we are able to capture with OneTrack.AI,” Smiesko said. “We can change our emphasis based on experiences which allow us to emphasize, adapt what behaviors we address, continuously improving our coaching.”

“The ability to broadcast these events throughout our organization is unparalleled,” Heller said. “Information that used to take hours or days to compile is now neatly packaged in an email, which is allowing the operations teams to focus their efforts on driving continual safety improvements.”

Employee safety and continuous improvement are key pillars of CJ Logistics America’s culture. “With OneTrack the operations teams have a mechanism to continue to work on improving towards a goal of an incident- and accident-free workplace,” said Heller.

CJ Logistics is an industry leader in performance optimization systems and practices, providing customized warehousing operations with a wide range of size and complexity and expertise in highly regulated industries and environments. The company’s network across North America creates flexibility and access to resources, and a focus on innovation and improvement generates customer value.

About OneTrack

OneTrack.AI is a U.S.-based Artificial Intelligence technology company that works with leading logistics organizations to increase safety, productivity, and quality in warehouse operations. The OneTrack.AI Warehouse Intelligence Solution leverages distributed camera sensors, self-learning AI software, workflow tools, and API integrations to provide real-time visibility to process flow and execution. With deep learning technology at its core, the OneTrack.AI Solution offers industry leading accuracy, reliability, and security that has already delivered measurable improvements for its customers.

CJ Logistics provides integrated supply chain services for customers around the world, maximizing customer value through continuous improvement and innovation.


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