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The OneTrack Guide to Forklift Safety

Learn how to build a video-based (and data-driven!) forklift safety program that will help you reduce MHE incidents, coach operators, eliminate false workers comp claims, and save money.


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Success Story

See how this 3PL captured value from their forklift safety program

Learn how Holman Logistics, a leading 3PL in North America, is using a video based forklift safety program to coach their operators, reduce costs, and keep their warehouses safe.

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forklift safety program

Ensure every operator clocks out safe after every shift

OneTrack's AI Forklift cameras and safety tools give logistics leaders the visibility they need to help reduce forklift accidents, improve operator behavior, and lower costs. Explore how our Warehouse Intelligence platform can help you improve safety and drive ROI.

AI Forklift Cameras

Protect your warehouses and keep people safe with AI forklift cameras that monitor MHE for risks 24/7 and send real-time video alerts to help keep operations running smoothly. 

Dynamic Labor Management

Engineered labor standards are broken. Improve productivity in your warehouses by using AI to proactively alert you of risks, track your labor processes, and connect WMS timestamps with video context to make critical process improvements. 

Proactive Operator Coaching

Coaching shouldn't ONLY happen after a major incident. Get alerts of the leading indicators of MHE safety incidents to coach operator behavior proactively and change the culture in your warehouses. 

"We take the approach that all incidents are preventable, and the OneTrack system has the tools necessary to provide real time feedback and coaching to operators.”

Ken Heller

Chief Operating Officer

CJ Logistics America

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Reduction in non-injury related incidents

Not sure where to start?

Start by picking the right technology to meet your goals. Learn why forklift cameras are worth the investment, and see how to pick the right forklift safety system for your warehouses. 

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