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Maximize employee performance with dynamic video coaching tools  

Most employee records are just stacks of paperwork or records in an HR system that wasn’t designed for logistics. OneCoach shows every operator in your warehouses, their safety and productivity metrics, and any coaching or training they’ve received — digital employee scorecards at your fingertips.


OneCoach is the first employee performance platform built for logistics companies. By integrating video alerts, event history, and digital coaching workflows, you get a single source of truth for all of your employee performance data. 

Employee scorecards

Performance data

Coaching history

Video-based evidence

Automated workflows

All your employee performance data in one place

Make it easy to keep track of your employee coaching and performance. In one dashboard, easily see every operator in your network, their history of incidents, corrective action, and tangible productivity information, all rolled up in a single operator scorecard.

Coaching Employee Scorecard.png
Coaching Video Evidence.png

Add video to the employee performance equation

Don’t rely on paperwork, grainy CCTV footage, or unreliable testimony to make key coaching decisions. Combine OneTrack’s video evidence to see exactly what happened so you can make the most informed decision.

Coaching workflows built for your unique processes

Tired of drowning in seemingly never ending email chains or stacks of paperwork to make personnel decisions? With OneCoach, customize automated workflows to loop in other departments based on certain event types, performance history — or any other criteria you choose. 

Coaching Workflows.png
Self Coaching.png

Upgrade operations with just-in-time operator coaching

 Increasing performance doesn’t come by telling operators to work faster. It comes from providing the right coaching in the right moments. With OneCoach, operators receive real-time feedback to improve productivity from something as simple as too much idle time after a break to the system noticing a process impediment and automatically escalating to operations leadership.


Don't just take our word for it

"We take the approach that all incidents are preventable, and the OneTrack system has the tools necessary to provide real time feedback and coaching to operators.”

Ken Heller

Chief Operating Officer

CJ Logistics America


Reduction in non-injury related incidents

Ready to upgrade your employee coaching?

  • Keep all your employee performance data in one dashboard

  • Set up automated coaching workflows to loop in other departments and leadership 

  • Use self-coaching to automatically start coaching operators to improve productivity in a variety of situations  

Create faster, safer warehouses with OneTrack 

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