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Partner Highlight: Holman Logistics

Founded in 1864, Holman Logistics is an award-winning, family-owned, Thirdparty Logistics Provider headquartered in Kent, Washington. Holman provides public and contract warehousing in over 7 million sq. ft of warehousing space. In addition, Holman offers manufacturing logistics and transportation services for both consumer packaged goods (CPG) and durable goods clients in facilities in every corner of the U.S. with multiple operations in 8 states, while providing employment for more than 900 full-time and temporary employees.

Holman Logistics and OneTrack first started working together in early 2019. Initially, the primary focus of the partnership was focused on MHE safety and employee coaching. Over time, the partnership and the OneTrack Solution have expanded together. Today, OneTrack is a turn-key solution for Holman Logistics, providing visibility to warehouse processes across teams, facilities, and functions.

Together, Holman Logistics and OneTrack have been nominated for the CSCMP Supply Chain Innovation Award in 2021, presented with Kimberly-Clark at the CSCMP Edge conference in 2020 and 2021, and are continuing to redefine what it means to operate the warehouse of the future.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Brien Downie (President) and Jeremy Thompson (Director of Operations) at Holman Logistics to learn about their perspective on the partnership and how OneTrack enables Holman to offer unmatched customer service.

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