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Let's build the future of logistics together.

We designed OneTrack to be the global data layer for the future of logistics.

If you are interested in working with us to enable new use cases, let us know!

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Partners since February 2021

Out-of-the box integration for standard data feeds.


Compatibility with: BlueYonder WMS, Luminate Warehouse Tasking

Using Computer Vision signals captured by OneTrack sensors, OneTrack enables warehouses to optimally leverage BlueYonder WMS and Luminate Warehouse Tasking with actual, measured data such as lift travel distance, idle times, and travel paths.

Combining OneTrack and BlueYonder WMS enables logistics companies to take their warehouse operations to a new level.

It's not about what OneTrack can do for you, but what you can do with OneTrack! 

At OneTrack, we provide AI-powered solutions that work for our customers. From unique KPIs to customizable forms and process automation. OneTrack partners with each customer to improve their operations.

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Interested in becoming an official OneTrack partner? Fill out this form to let us know.

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