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Forklift Fleet Management System

All of your forklift fleet data at your fingertips.

OneTrack’s forklift fleet management goes beyond telematics and GPS. Manage your entire fleet from one platform. From lift utilization, maintenance reports, safety scores, and productivity — it's everything you need to get the most out of your MHE fleet.

"We were using a telemetry system fleet wide for our forklifts and it was a disaster. And we knew it was a disaster because of the data that OneTrack started giving us. We ended up removing traditional telematics from all our lifts and only using OneTrack for managing our forklift fleet utilization and safety." 

Mike Robson

Executive Vice President

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Trusted by top 3PLs, shippers, and manufacturers all over North America

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Why do warehouse teams trust OneTrack's forklift fleet management system?


Forklift fleet


24/7 forklift
impact monitoring 

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Enhanced productivity and performance


Fleet health and maintenance


AI forklift

Get critical insights into your forklift fleet's utilization 

OneTrack helps you answer the most critical questions about your forklift fleet health. How much does your fleet cost to operate? Are you getting the most productivity and utilization out of your fleet? Can you reduce fleet size to cut costs and actually increase productivity? Get deep visibility into your forklift utilization to get the most value out of your MHE fleet.

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Maximize productivity and throughput with fleet management

With OneTrack, you can track all of your operational activities to benchmark how long they should take, and receive video alerts when things aren’t going as planned. Stay out in front of potential bottlenecks and maximize your productive output from every shift. 

Extend the life of your MHE fleet with impact monitoring and AI telematics

Every forklift impact has a huge impact on your budget. Not to mention the small bumps and scratches that can add up to a ton of unplanned maintenance costs. With OneTrack, you can monitor your entire MHE fleet and get real-time alerts for hard impacts and the leading indicators of forklift safety events to hold operators accountable and save serious money. 

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Track your fleet health and maintenance in one place

A high-performing forklift fleet requires visibility. From how many you actually have in the building, which ones are in maintenance (or need maintenance), all the way down to what forklifts are due for a battery change. Instead of trying to piece together different systems and paperwork —or not knowing altogether— get everything you need in one place to manage your fleet with confidence.


Here's what our customers have to say

With OneTrack we're much more aware of what's going on even if we can't be present on the floor. I don't stay up at night worrying that I'm going to have a major forklift incident in my building (that I won't know about).

David May (1)_edited.png

David May

Sr. Warehouse Manager

The Hain Celestial Group

Reduction in overall safety events



Stay in control with full visibility into your MHE fleet

  • Get detailed reports about your forklift utilization to right size your fleet or spread around resources 

  • Automate maintenance alerts to maximize uptime

  • Extend the life of your MHE fleet with continuous impact monitoring and AI telematics 

Create safer, faster warehouses with OneTrack 

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