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How ID Logistics upgraded safety, productivity, and quality with OneTrack

By the numbers

decrease in impacts (in just 3 months!)

decrease in overall safety incidents

decrease in phone use violations

OneTrack is going to help your management team with so many aspects of their job. We’re now able to see so much on the floor. We can correct bad behaviors, hold people accountable, and ensure quality service for our customers. It’s been a tremendous asset for us.


Joe Labrosky

Distribution Center Manager (GM)

ID Logistics

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ID Logistics

Customer profile

Global 3PL

Allentown, PA

Partner since 2023

The challenge: Manual processes, product damages, and unreported incidents holding back operations

Jamaal Franklin, Operations Manager at ID Logistics said, “Prior to OneTrack we would see dents in racks and wonder, ‘where did that come from?’ Now I know exactly what happened, who did it, if it’s a pattern of bad behavior — or if it’s something going on in the warehouse that we need to fix as a leadership team.”


On top of that, validating load quality to their customer was a huge opportunity for improvement.


Carrie Ferrone, Manager, Business Process Analysis said, “Before OneTrack we had tablets on the floor that a loader would have to go get before a load, stop in the middle of loading to take pictures, then upload it, tag it with an order number. And we still struggled validating load quality. With OneTrack we’re recording the entire load process automatically, sending the WMS data to identify every pallet, and now when an end delivery location says they have damages we can go to the video and say “Nope, it looked perfect when it left here”.

How ID Logistics uses OneTrack to improve safety, productivity, and quality in their warehouses

Video based alerts for full visibility around safety incidents and bad behavior for elevated coaching, accountability, and culture  

Dynamic AI labor standards that adapts to their operations and flags slow processes and bottlenecks synced with video

Front-facing OneTrack sensor synced with their WMS to automatically record and validate load quality

Straight from the source

Hear from the ID Logistics Allentown leadership team about their experience with OneTrack.

How ID Logistics is using OneTrack on their journey to zero incidents

How ID Logistics is maximizing performance with AI labor standards 

ID Logistics' commitment to quality with OneTrack automated load capture 

Carrie's experience connecting OneTrack with their WMS 

How ID is using OneTrack to help strengthen customer relationships

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