Holman Logistics explains how OneTrack improves their safety in Inbound Logistics

Holman Logistics is a 150+ year old 3PL based in the Pacific Northwest. They believe in long-term thinking, choosing to invest in their people, process, and clients to create long-term relationships. With this philosophy in place, they have received numerous excellence awards from their clients.

Last month, Inbound Logistics published a Solved feature that explained what first pushed Holman to use OneTrack:

Holman currently monitors and tracks forklift activity; however, management wanted to understand the root causes of mishaps and find out if it was possible to create a system to warn of problems and prevent accidents from occurring.

The feature also details how Computer Vision and Deep Learning allow OneTrack to become more accurate and more powerful overtime in improving safety.

[Holman Logistics President] Brien Downie concluded, "I am confident that these AI tools, along with our never-ending safety focus, will help us achieve our goal of accident-free operations. AI technology is already having a positive impact on the safety performance of the entire industry."

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