DSC Logistics explains why they are working with OneTrack.AI

DSC Logistics is one of the largest 3PLs in the United States, operating 23 million square feet of storage across more than 60 locations. One of DSC's strengths is its ability to leverage technology to drive industry leadership.

As part of its innovation goals, DSC has partnered with OneTrack to validate the safety and operational benefits of OneTrack's AI-powered cameras. Last week, DSC published an article describing the improvements in safety and operations they have seen in their own words.

“OneTrack allows us to have a much better understanding of operations behavior. And, more importantly, it gives us the ability to coach more effectively.”

VP of Operations, DSC Logistics

“Keeping everyone on the same page, coaching to improve, and holding everyone accountable to the same standards helps morale. The Operations Specialists are paying attention to their surroundings, driving safely and watching carefully, and our coaching is progressively better.”

Supply Chain Leader, DSC Logistics

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