Think about the reality of a warehouse: the variety of tasks that need to be completed, the people who have practiced and honed their forklift driving skills for years. The ones who can rotate a pallet on the ground, push another one to the side high up in the racks, all while moving inventory in and out of racks at mindblowing speeds. 


While fully autonomous material handling systems (AGVs) are super exciting, we all know that humans are going to continue to be working in warehouses for a while. That's why we asked ourselves: What would happen if every one of your forklift drivers was as productive as your very best? Why not take some of that amazing technology powering modern robotics and put it at the fingertips of every worker?


With OneTrack, we built a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for warehouses that want to get the most out of their existing employees today. Our connected hardware is powered by sophisticated AI software that learns to assist your operations in real-time enabling everyone in the warehouse to work as efficiently, accurately, and safely as a robot. 

At OneTrack, we are always looking to work with people who are intellectually curious and excited about this vision. Get in touch with us and let us know what you think!